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Refer a Friend to Jones Brothers

How much is the referral credit?

$100 for each qualified referral. Please note, credits are valid only on a service(s) yet to be performed.

When are my referral credits earned?

Referral credits are earned AFTER the referred individual starts their job, meaning a service is being or has been performed.

Can a referral credit be applied to my past invoice or existing services?

No, credits may only be applied to services yet to be performed.

Do I have to be a Client to participate?

Yes, only existing Clients are eligible for the referral credits.

How will I know when I have received a referral credit?

You should see the credit on your next invoice for future services.

When does my referral credit expire?

It expires 36 months after the referred starts their job, meaning a service is being, or has been, performed.

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