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  Cabling and Bracing

Trees can grow in a manner that their physical structure may not be able to support growth, leading to structural failure. Sometimes they need protection to improve their health, structural integrity, and overall lifespan. All trees can fail under the right circumstances, so our team thoroughly reviews the tree.

What is tree cabling and bracing?

Cabling and bracing are two separate but related techniques. They can be used independently of one another but are more often used in tandem to reinforce weak tree structures. Weaknesses, such as age, wood type, and growth pattern, in your trees, can be caused by a variety of different factors that our arborists can fully explain to you during a tree risk assessment.

During a risk assessment, we’ll look for leaning, cracking, splitting and swaying. Our cabling and bracing techniques will add structural support by restricting movement, which will help reduce the risks to your tree from severe climate and weather conditions. We will use extra high strength steel to fully support the tree so it’s less likely to break.

Cabling configurations differ, but each includes a wire cable and heavy-duty galvanized bolts. Bracing uses rods that are sized appropriately to the diameter of the tree branch to be braced. This application should really be left to the professionals. Our staff is knowledgeable on how to incorporate this technique into your tree with minimal injury.

Let the professionals do the job

Not only is the application complex, but we will conduct a thorough inspection and evaluation of your tree before installation. It can be hard to know when a tree should be cabled or braced, since a healthy tree may still have poor structure. Our trained professionals know what to look for in regards to stability issues, such as the following:

  • Trees with large, heavy and multiple stems.
  • An imbalanced tree with a lopsided canopy.
  • A tree with a lot of movement.

Improper tree maintenance can actually lead to structural problems, too. Weak trees can be dangerous, so it’s important to leave tree maintenance to the professionals to avoid further damage. The Jones Brothers team knows how to protect the tree while keeping your property free from damage. We can install safeguards to reduce the risk of failure.

Our arborists will inspect the tree even after we add the cables or braces to make sure there isn’t any equipment failure from fatigue, which could result in extensive damage. Normal movement of the branches and trunk can cause the hardware to weaken; so it’s only natural to have some wear and tear, depending on the tree’s growth, climate and landscape’s weather conditions.

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