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  Lawn Fertilization

There are many benefits to fertilizing your lawn. For starters, fertilization works in conjunction with important nutrients in your landscape’s soil. High soil quality is what gives your lawn that healthy and beautiful look. It’s only natural for your lawn to lose those important nutrients in your yard over time.

Just like sunshine and water, your lawn needs fertilizer. Important nutrients, such as phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium, help your lawn to thrive. These macronutrients help your lawn to grow, enabling consistent leaf and root development while keeping that deep green color.

When should you fertilize your lawn?

The timing of fertilization services will depend on the type of grass on your property. Our customized lawn care programs are designed to provide the optimum level of nutrients to your lawn during various times of the year.

Over-fertilizing your lawn can be fatal too. The salts can build up in the soil and cause a drying effect, which can result in the grass turning brown or yellow. A trained professional will be able to put your lawn on a schedule to ensure it’s getting properly fertilized during key times of the year. If your yard is already in poor condition, fertilization can make it worse if it’s not done right. Weak grass is easily burned by chemical fertilizers.

With proper fertilization, your landscape will look better than ever. The types of fertilizer and their application can vary, depending on the type of grass and soil structure. The nutrients that occur naturally vary from lawn to lawn and not all fertilizers contain the same level of nutrients. The right help at the right time can bring your lawn to its full potential.

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